week 16 bump update

week 16 bump update

16 weeks, 0 days

How far along? 

I am 16 weeks today.

How big is bean?

Bean is the size of a avocado and weighs about 4 ounces. S/he’s 4.5 inches from head to butt.

Total weight gain/loss? 

Still no weight gain–especially because it has been vomit city around here the past few days.

Maternity clothes? 

I need to get some more tops!


No changes here.

Lots of changes since Week 4, when this photo was taken!

Best moment this week?

I had a really nice date night with Chad on Friday night. We went to Outback, which has these amazing filet medallions which are fantastic because I can have them cooked medium-well (it’s required for Bean that steak be cooked through) and they are still tender and yummy. Then we saw Moana. I loved it. We were able have that awesome date and be at home with a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae (YUM!) all by 9:30. It was fantastic.


UGH! Baby is kicking my butt this week. I *thought* I was on the downhill with morning sickness, BUT I have been very sick this week. On top of that, the constipation (my companion since basically week one) has now lead to terrible, body-doubling-over gas pains. It was a really rough week. Add to that nasal congestion and nosebleeds and the fun new symptom: bleeding gums. *Sigh*

Food cravings?

CANDY, still 🙂

Food aversions? 

Not really. The boys downstairs were cooking chili and the ground beef smell was tummy-turning, but for the most part, nothing new here.


Counting down the days until we find out!

Labor signs? 
Belly button in or out? 

What I miss?

Feeling well 😦

What I’m looking forward to? 

Hearing our babe again tomorrow at our next appointment tomorrow!


BABY CAN HEAR MY VOICE!! How cool is that??

Next appointment?

Tomorrow! Eek!

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