week 17 bump update

week 17 bump update

Excuse the gym clothes/hair. I worked out! Fast walking and lifting my arms to get ready for lifting LO (“Little One”).

How far along? 

I am 17 weeks today 🙂

How big is bean?

Bean is the size of a turnip (?)–in case you don’t know how big a turnip is (I don’t), Baby is 5 inches from head to butt and weighs over 5 ounces.

Total weight gain/loss? 

I gained a pound! At least that’s what the scale said today, who knows if it’ll stick.

Maternity clothes? 

Am not wearing anything new yet, but I have some tops and jeans coming from Old Navy.


Haven’t been sleeping very well this week. Waking up a lot, but have been able to sleep in a lot.

Best moment this week?

Hearing Baby’s heartbeat and hearing from the doctor that everything is going well.


Let’s see… Morning sickness seems to be getting better most days. Constipation is the bane of my existence. Have been doubling down with Colace and Metamucil. It seems like its going to help.

Food cravings?

Still sour candy.

Food aversions? 

None really!


Counting down the days until we find out. We’ll either find out from our genetic test, or from our anatomy scan (Jan. 6th).

Labor signs? 

Um yikes, no!

Belly button in or out? 

In, although I was horrified to discover that it might be popping in the next few weeks!

What I miss?

CHARCUTERIE. We went to a graduation dinner for a friend last night and the restaurant we went to has my actual favorite dish in State College: baguette with house-made sheepsmilk ricotta, tomato jam, SERRANO HAM and pecorino. THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I usually order if for my dinner. It’s so good that as soon as Bean pops out, I’m sending Chadwick to pick it up to bring home to me. I watched everyone else enjoy my favorite dish and nearly cried. OK, I wasn’t going to cry but still. My tummy was crying.

What I’m looking forward to? 

Going to the gym most days this week (no work at my Penn State Job). Visiting with family this weekend :), announcing Bean to the world on Christmas, and finding out her/his sex! OMGOSH and feeling movement. CAN’T WAIT TO FEEL MOVEMENT. I *think* I might have been feeling little flutters, but so far nothing that couldn’t also be attributed to tummy rumblings.


Bean is getting finger- and toeprints this week.

Next appointment?

January 6th, when we get to see our little one up close!

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