week 19 bump update–happy new year!

week 19 bump update–happy new year!

Happy New Year! This will probably be a longer than typical bump update because I have been waxing nostalgic the last few days (thank you pregnancy hormones!).

2016 certainly got a bad rap, and while a lot of terribleness did happen, it was a pretty incredible year for us. Last night, we celebrated the end of the year by heading (after I got off work) to the distillery (their drinks are delish without the booze too). We worked a little on the electrical for our house, I looked through photos from this year and then we played some dominos. As I looked at our year, I was struck by just how many incredible milestones we accomplished and celebrated this year:

In February, I finished and successfully defended my dissertation. The next day, we closed on our lot.

In April, we both celebrated our bachelorette/bachelor parties with our close friends.

In May, we got married, I graduated (which we celebrated with my parents and grandparents), we honeymooned (which was full of several firsts and incredible moments for us: visiting the Caribbean, helicopter ride, scuba diving together), and when we got back I turned 30.

In August, I started my job at the Morgan Center.

In September, we found out we were pregnant.

In October, we saw our Bean for the first time.

In November, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with both our families, celebrated Chad’s and Mom-Kathy’s birthday together and heard our little Bean’s heartbeat for the first time. We also broke ground on our house.

In December, we found out we were having a boy (!!!) and we celebrate Christmas with Owens family (and virtually with the Geier-Hayes family)!

It has been an incredible year.

Last night, we rang in the New Year in the best possible way. We spent a lazy day watching movies until it was time for me to go to work. Before it was time to leave, we had a late lunch and I was sitting with Chad on the sofa when I felt, with absolute certainty, Mr. Beau kicking. I have felt it several times since (he’s wiggling around in there as I type). It’s so amazing to feel him and know he’s there. I can’t wait until Chad will be able to feel him too. I went to work and then we headed to the distillery.  After we got back from the distillery (they closed at 10), we cuddled on the sofa and read to Beau. We have started reading aloud to him–one chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone every night. Chad voices Hagrid and I read everything else 🙂 We want to start this nightly tradition with Beau and have him learn our voices. We finished our chapter, looked at the clock and it was 12:02–we missed the countdown and official ringing in of the New Year, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

On to the update!

How far along? 

I am 19 weeks today🙂–We are halfway to full-term!!

19 weeks, 0 days–halfway to 38 weeks!

How big is Bean?

Bean is the size of a large grapefruit (6 inches from head to butt) and weighs just over half a pound! Most people use fruit to specify baby size, but we have another way to measure Beau: he is almost exactly the size of the super oversized Reese’s peanut butter cup I got Chad (purchased late night at Sheetz last night) for Christmas. (See below)


That’s right, Beau Bean-size peanut butter cups!


Hard to imagine a grapefruit or a half-pound peanut butter cup (or a baby, for that matter) in my belly!
Chad looks like a tiny man eating a regular sized peanut butter cup.

Total weight gain/loss? 

As of yesterday, I was net +1 pound. I am considering 144 my starting weight, and yesterday (actually the past few days) I have been weighing in at 145. I’m a little concerned about my weight gain. I am worried about gaining weight very quickly during the rest of the pregnancy–I have read that steady weight gain is best for a number of reasons. I also know that too little weight gain is associated with early/small babies. I will certainly talk to the doctor about this! (We have a long list of things about which we need to talk with the doctor at this appointment, including something I hadn’t thought of before we knew we were having a boy: circumcision. I am going to learn a lot about boy parts now that I’m a boy-mom-t0-be!)

Maternity clothes? 

I am wearing a combo of cute maternity tops and stretchy or oversized stuff. I love the maternity clothes because I actually look pregnant in them, and I love my little bump.


My sleep has been incredible this week because Chad is the most amazing man in the whole world. He gave me an amazing pregnancy body pillow for Christmas. It’s called a Snoogle and I am blown away by how much my sleep is improved. I get so comfy with this pillow, it has especially been helping my hips/back and my sinuses. It’s also great for lounging in bed when we watch TV and read to Beau.

Best moment this week?

Feeling Beau! Absolutely. It’s so incredible.


I am so happy to report that although some nausea persists, I am feeling free from morning sickness symptoms almost every day! I was only sick enough to throw up two days this week, and for the most part have stopped taking my Zofran. Not taking the Zofran means that I have been much less constipated and much more comfortable. I have found that big meals less often make me feel worse and have been trying to reorient my eating so that I am doing smaller snack meals more often. I have been feeling hungrier more often, which is a good sign! Thankfully, no stretch marks yet!

Food cravings?

Still loving the sour stuff. I started the week craving fruits and veggies–we ate vegan two nights in a row. (These lettuce wraps and these sweet potatoes are two incredible plant-based recipes.) But after the second day of lots of veggies, I got morning sick and since then I’ve been eating an unfortunate number of grilled cheese sandwiches (always tummy safe). I have been trying to sneak in fruits and veggies when I can. Applesauce has been yummy!

Food aversions? 

Two smells have really turned my stomach this week: seafood and whisky. ICK! That’s probably not a food aversion though–I hated those things before I was pregnant!



Labor signs? 

YIKES, still no!

Belly button in or out? 


What I miss?

I never get tired of missing cured meats. But let’s see… Do I miss anything? Not really. This life we have is pretty great!

What I’m looking forward to? 



Obviously, feeling Beau Bean (the “quickening”) is an incredible milestone. I think we are going to have a lot in common, because like me, Beau seems to be motivated by food. I have most been able to feel his kicks after we eat! He loved the pasta that we had yesterday and also got into the creme brûlée french toast  that I made for brunch this morning. Less appetizing is this kinda gross, but very cool milestone: Beau is getting vernix caseosa or “cheese varnish” this week. It’s a greasy cheese-like coating that is made up of a mix of lanugo (downy hair that covers him and apparently falls out and he ingests and starts making into poop also this week), oil from his glands and dead skin cells. Sounds so gross, especially to call it “cheese” (one of my most favorite things in the entire world), but it is pretty amazing because it keeps Beau from getting wrinkly in the perma-bath he’s taking until he pops out.

Next appointment?

January 6th for our “Level 2 Ultrasound” anatomy survey. During this scan, we will measure Beau, view all four chambers of the heart, look at his kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, spine and verify that he’s got boy parts. We’ll check out the umbilical court. And the sonographer will check the amniotic fluid (like a car check), the location of the placenta and monitor Beau’s heart rate. There are a lot of things to check and we’ll know a lot about Beau’s development. It’s a little nerve wrecking because of course we want to see that everything is ok, but we have very little reason to suspect that anything will be abnormal, so all-in-all, I expect that it will be very informative and incredibly cool. I will write up all about it on Friday, and post any photos of our little that we get 🙂

*Ah, and I have a note.* One thing that should be clear about this blog is that it is my (Lydia’s) view on the world. Chad’s perspective on everything might be different (maybe I can get him to guest blog someday!). He was reading the blog the other day, pointing out typos, and when he got to my story about the name he said “And, just so you know, you got this story about the name wrong.” “Um, what?” “I had Beau on my dog name list.” So, Chad thinks that when we were in the car, talking over names on our roadtrip that when I said “Beau,” he said “Yeah I like that one, it’s on my list of dogs’ names.” He just showed me, he really does have it on a file with dog names.

So I leave you with this, the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Sorry, Beau, you were, sort of, named after our future dog!):

Sallah: Please, what does it always mean, this… this “Junior”?

Professor Henry Jones: That’s his name. [Points to himself] Henry Jones… [Points to Indy]… Junior.

Indiana Jones: I like “Indiana.”

Professor Henry Jones: We named the *dog* Indiana.

Marcus Brody: May we go home now, please?

Sallah: The dog? [starts laughing] You are named after the dog? HA HA HA…!

Indiana Jones: I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog.


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