week 20 bump update–the OFFICIAL halfway point

week 20 bump update–the OFFICIAL halfway point

How far along? 

20 weeks today! I counted last week as halfway (because 38/2=19) BUUUT today is the “official” halfway that everyone else uses.

Version 2
Holy belly! Looking HUGE all of a sudden. (Notice, we cleaned off the fridge–top and front! It’s Bean City now!)

How big is Bean?

Beau Bean is 6 and a half inches long (as always head to butt), and we know from his anatomy scan that he weighs 12 ounces. My baby app says “Think small cantaloupe.” Yikes, cantaloupes aren’t small! My other app says banana. That sounds better.

Total weight gain/loss? 

Woohoo! I gained weight. I weighed 148 pounds this morning. That’s net +4 pounds. Now that I am gaining weight, it’s time to make sure that baby is getting healthy foods. I may have to watch the ice cream… I don’t want to gain weight too fast now that I have my appetite back. The doctor told us that I should aim for 1 pound per week after 24 weeks. At the end of the pregnancy, I should expect to gain about 25 – 35 pounds.


I have been really tired and sleeping a lot, and other than Thursday night, I have been sleeping very well. My snoogle is life changing.

Best moment this week?

Seeing our little Bean up close and personal was AMAZING!


Very little nausea and vomiting. I feel much better when I eat more small meals, I am just terrible at remembering to do this. Constipation is improving. Have been dealing with gas and gas cramps. My nails and hair are growing crazy fast! Hunger is here! And, weirdly, my left nostril is always bloody??

Stretch marks?

I thought I had a few the other day, but it was just marks from where water was running down my belly from the shower, whew! I use a belly balm  and vitamin E  oil after showers. I’m always oiled up like a swimsuit model… Still waiting on Sports Illustrated with their offer for a cover shoot.

Food cravings?

CHOCOLATE FUDGE AND ICE CREAM. Omgosh, give me all the ice cream. Actually, all the dairy. Mmm dairy!

Food aversions? 

Nada. I think I am out of the woods with food aversions.


One for his wedding slideshow.

Labor signs? 

YIKES, still no!

Belly button in or out? 

In! I am waiting, any day now according to the internet. Chad thought it looked weird the other day and might be turning, but it was just full of belly balm 🙂

What I miss?

Not missing much!

What I’m looking forward to? 

I can’t wait until Chad can feel all of Beau’s kicks!


The 20 Week/Halfway Milestone is a big one! Also Beau is working on his sucking reflexes. We saw him sucking his thumb in the ultrasound.

Here’s a mom-to-be milestone: I held a baby, like a real life tiny baby! Our friends, Brian and Emily, had a baby (Oliver) just over a week ago (Emily did most of the baby-having). They were going kind of stir-crazy at home so we brought them some dinner and freezer meals. They let me hold Ollie! He was so cute and tiny. It wasn’t so scary, but man, babies get heavy fast. I better get in shape! It was also so nice to talk with them about labor and delivery (they had Ollie at the hospital where we will have Beau) and about pregnancy and being new parents; Oliver is their second, so they had lots of great advice.

Next appointment?

We have our high risk specialist appointment at some point in the next two weeks (TBD) and then our next regular appointment (and another ultrasound) on February 3rd, with my favorite doctor, who we found out delivered Brian and Emily’s babe!

PS. Did this belly triple in size overnight or what??? Here’s last week and this week side by side:

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