week 22 bump update

week 22 bump update

How far along? 

22 weeks, today!

How big is Bean?

Bean weighs over a pound and is almost a foot long from head to toe (like 8 inches from head to butt)! About the size of a coconut or spaghetti squash!?!??!?!

DSC_0006 2.jpg
Belly’s getting bigger and bigger every day!

Total weight gain/loss? 

I weigh 152, which puts me at +8 pounds.


Still sleeping well, with the minor exception that sometimes I wake up from kicks. That doesn’t but me though because it’s so cool!

 Best moment this week?

We had our appointment at the high risk pregnancy doctor this week, and it was VERY reassuring. It was such a relief to hear from her that she doesn’t really recommend any interventions for my Ehlers-Danlos (which she was 99.9% certain I have). She told us that she has seen 10 women with EDS, and that all had perfectly healthy babies and perfectly normal labor and deliveries. She made several suggestions to our doctors about things to be aware of during our delivery, but doesn’t think we should have any issues. She also said that because of my loose joints and stretchy tendons I might even have an easier deliver *fingers crossed*.

My coworker, Jen, gave us a ton of baby clothes that her son, Kaison, has outgrown. The clothes we got are SO cute. It was really fun trying to imagine our little one wearing his new (TINY) outfits.


Hungry! Foot and hands are starting to swell (but hopefully my feet aren’t growing). I should probably cut the salt a little bit. Unfortunately, I really like salt. Not much else in the symptom department… I am starting to feel pretty awesome!

Stretch marks?

Nada *fingers crossed*.

Food cravings/aversions?


Labor signs? 

Not yet *fingers crossed*.

Belly button in or out? 

Still in but I actually read that only like 25% of women even have there belly buttons pop.

What I miss?

Nothing besides the usual: cured meats!

What I’m looking forward to? 

This week is a pretty normal week. Looking forward to having a bit of a routine this week.


Chad and I can feel some kicks from the outside! Beau bean got to be heavier than a pound this week–that’s pretty heavy (but only half as heavy as the Amish butter roll we had at Thanksgiving). Bean’s grip, hearing and vision are all getting much stronger.

Next appointment?

We have the regular pregnancy doctor on Friday 2/3.

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