28 week bump update

28 week bump update

*I missed a week! Ugh. It was bound to happen. It was one of those situations where I thought: “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow turned into tomorrow turned into: “Too close to next week now.”*

How far along?


How big is Bean?

Beau Bean is ENORMOUS. His is the size of A HEAD OF CAULIFLOWER. He weighs 2.5 big huge pounds and is 16 inches long from head-to-foot.

Total weight gain/loss?

Weight gain is steadying out! I weigh about 164 pounds. That’s about 10 pounds total above my pre-pregnancy weight.


Mostly good. A few nights of terrible sleep, but a few nights of awesome sleep too.

Best moment this week?

This was a tough week. I had a scary-ish (but fine) contraction incident on Thursday and found out Saturday that a co-worker–a wonderfully kind man with an also kind son with whom I also work–passed away at work on Friday night. It’s a terrible shock, and a terrible tragedy for his family. Although it has been a tough week in that way, we also had a very nice visit with Seth and Sarah Cleaver, who came to stay for the weekend.



I have been having terrible heartburn and acid reflex, but Tums seem to do the trick! My feet are pretty swollen at the end of the day, and my body has been getting achy. I have been having cramping in my legs and feet at night. I get a tingling aching under my breast, especially at the end of the day, but this just a circulation thing and more of an annoyance than anything else. The shortness of breath is real. Did you know its possible to get out of breath talking? It is. Beau takes up a lot of space in there. The toughest symptom this week was my Braxton Hicks contractions which lead to my incident on Thursday night. I was working at the Hofbrau, it was really busy. I had a bunch of tables. I was really dehydrated. I started having an increase in my contractions, several in a few minutes time. Beau was moving a lot too. I have read that 4 contractions in an hour is about the max that’s ok before calling a doctor. Then I had a contraction that wouldn’t go away. On top of it, I got really freaked out–which probably made it even worse. I called the doctor, but it was after hours and I was in full panic mode before the doctor could call me back. I came home and called Chad and asked him to come home too. The doctor called back and told me that this isn’t uncommon, and is not a problem (or labor) if rest and lots and lots of fluids help the contractions subside. I was instructed to lie on my left side and drink tons of water so that I had to pee every half hour. The contractions slowed down within a few hours and I settled down. Friday was business as usual and my Braxtons returned to normal. I had a doctors visit Friday morning in which the doctor confirmed that incidences like the one I had on Thursday can be expected in physically, emotionally stressed and dehydrated moms. Should it happen again, I am to rest and hydrate.

Stretch marks?

Not yet!

Food cravings/aversions?

Nope, nada. Still hungry, but I am getting full much faster.

Labor signs?

Braxton Hicks, but no real labor!

Belly button in or out?

In! But space is running out.

What I miss?

Cold ham and other pork products.

What I’m looking forward to?

It’s Spring Break! Which just means a light, quiet week at work. I am looking forward to Spring weather.


Bean is dreaming! He has started REM sleep. He is also blinking a lot. And he has started sticking his tongue out.

Next appointment?

We now see the doctor biweekly. My next appointment is on March 17th–Memaw Patty’s birthday.

*More notes: I wanted to write a little bit about my appointment on Friday. I was glad that the doctor we saw confirmed the information from the on-call doctor about my Thursday contractions. I had a blood test and my glucose test. The doctor (Dr. Brunner–who we hadn’t had and who liked) measured my fundus and Beau was measuring right on 27 weeks. Although I haven’t heard the results from my lab tests back from the doctor, I have  gotten them from online, and interpreted them myself. I suspect that I will hear from the doctor tomorrow, I got notification that my labs were in online. I did some internet sleuthing and I have figured out that: a) I don’t have gestational diabetes. In fact, my blood sugar was at the very, very bottom of the acceptable range. b) I have anemia, and c) I have a UTI. I have not been having typical UTI symptoms (that are indistinguishable from pregnancy symptoms anyway), but I have read that that is common in pregnancy. I wonder if the UTI, especially if it were a bladder infection, might have contributed to my contractions episode on Thursday. If I don’t hear from the doctor tomorrow, I will call to follow up on the labs.

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