week 15 bump update

week 15 bump update

Starting to look a little bit pregnant ūüôā

How far along? 

I am 15 weeks and 2 days today! It is my¬†second week of the glorious (I’m told) second trimester!!

How big is bean? 

Bean is the size of a big lemon¬†and weighs between 2 and 3 ounces–that’s about what a chicken’s egg weighs.

Total weight gain/loss? 

After we found out I was pregnant, I lost 10 pounds because of my terrible morning sickness. Since I hit my low weight about a month in, it has¬†been holding pretty steady. So I guess I’ll just say: no weight gain yet!

Maternity clothes? 

A few things! In particular, maternity jeans and one maternity top. I am exclusively wearing maternity jeans and stretchy pants–my pre-preggy jeans are retired until after Bean arrives. My maternity jeans are still too big, so I wear a BellaBand that helps me keep them up (or I pull them up 15 times a minute). I like my maternity shirt because it makes me look pregnant instead of like I ate too much!


Sleeping in is tough because I have to pee at 6 am. But really no issues yet (*fingers crossed*).

Best moment this week? 

My best moment of week 14 wasn’t really a moment. I have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER than I was pre-second trimester, so I’m celebrating that.


Well, as much as I am feeling better, over the weekend I took two giant steps back in terms of my morning sickness. I was SO sick this weekend.  But I am having more good days than bad days which is a huuuuuge improvement over the 5-7 times a day that I was getting sick during my second month. My belly is starting to get hard and is noticeably (to me and sometimes Chad, but to no one else really) bigger! I wake up with headaches, but they go away with water and food. And, like all pregnant women, I gotta pee all the time.

Food cravings?


Food aversions? 

Yup. If it’s not super sweet or plain white and starchy, I’m not interested. And really, is there anything grosser than eggs?


It’s a girl, I’m sure. Of course we won’t know until January, but I don’t care, I’ve decided.

Labor signs? 
Belly button in or out? 

What I miss?

The idea of having a glass of wine–although wine, well really all booze, completely turns my tummy. I miss having regular BMIs,¬†does that count? And I miss exercise, which has been zilch because of the baby sickness, but I am going to try to start a regular habit.

What I’m looking forward to?¬†



The baby is doing some cool stuff this week. Like she has bones that would show up on an x-ray. She can also see light (even though she can’t open her eyes).¬†She’s also wiggling around a lot, but I can’t feel it just yet–I CAN’T WAIT until I can feel her move.

Next appointment?

12/12–At this appointment: Diabetes/Sugar test and some genetic screening