4 month appointment

4 month appointment

We had our four month appointment today.

The doctor was awesome! The doctors at our hospital are part of a”Physicians’ Group” so we don’t have a specific OB/GYN that we see. The doctor who is on the schedule when we get to the hospital for our delivery will be the doctor who delivers our babe so at our regular appointments we are encouraged to see a variety of doctors with the hope that we will have a doctor on delivery day who we have met before. We have seen three different physicians and so far, the doctor we saw today has been our favorite.

We had a chance to ask a lot of good questions today.

I have been having some trouble sleeping because I read that sleeping on my back is a no-go. I wake up on my back and freak out and re-position. The doctor said that although weight of baby *can* restrict blood flow and cause my feet to go numb, my body would notice and I would adjust in my sleep. So all sleep is good sleep regardless of positon.

I was reassured to hear (again) that the Zofran I am taking for nausea is safe! The doctor took it during her own pregnancy. She did say that the Zofran is contributing to/causing constipation, so it’s a trade off, buuuut she did give me some tools and suggestions for managing the tummy trouble.

We also opted to have some early screening tests for chomnosomal abnormalities, the results of which we will have in a few weeks.

The lowlight of this appointment was the glucose test. I puked before we left the house and didn’t eat or drink anything so I wasn’t thrilled when I was presented with a bright red bottle of the sweetest drink ever and told I had two minutes to drink it. I couldn’t eat or drink anything after and had to wait for a blood draw an hour later; it was gross and didn’t make me feel well. This is one of two diabetes screenings I’ll have. This early one was mostly to catch women who are likely to already have diabetes or pre-diabetes who might not know it. The second test–at 28 weeks–will screen for gestational diabetes which can affect any mom-to-be, even those without diabetes risk factors.

The highlight was hearing our little one’a strong, healthy heartbeat. It was 151 today (anyone keeping track of the wives tale about heart rate and gender??) and the doctor found it right away.

It was a great visit! We are very much looking forward to our anatomy scan which we have scheduled for January 6th. We’all spend 45 minutes with the ultrasound tech getting a very close look at little bean! So exciting!

week 16 bump update

week 16 bump update

16 weeks, 0 days

How far along? 

I am 16 weeks today.

How big is bean?

Bean is the size of a avocado and weighs about 4 ounces. S/he’s 4.5 inches from head to butt.

Total weight gain/loss? 

Still no weight gain–especially because it has been vomit city around here the past few days.

Maternity clothes? 

I need to get some more tops!


No changes here.

Lots of changes since Week 4, when this photo was taken!

Best moment this week?

I had a really nice date night with Chad on Friday night. We went to Outback, which has these amazing filet medallions which are fantastic because I can have them cooked medium-well (it’s required for Bean that steak be cooked through) and they are still tender and yummy. Then we saw Moana. I loved it. We were able have that awesome date and be at home with a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae (YUM!) all by 9:30. It was fantastic.


UGH! Baby is kicking my butt this week. I *thought* I was on the downhill with morning sickness, BUT I have been very sick this week. On top of that, the constipation (my companion since basically week one) has now lead to terrible, body-doubling-over gas pains. It was a really rough week. Add to that nasal congestion and nosebleeds and the fun new symptom: bleeding gums. *Sigh*

Food cravings?

CANDY, still 🙂

Food aversions? 

Not really. The boys downstairs were cooking chili and the ground beef smell was tummy-turning, but for the most part, nothing new here.


Counting down the days until we find out!

Labor signs? 
Belly button in or out? 

What I miss?

Feeling well 😦

What I’m looking forward to? 

Hearing our babe again tomorrow at our next appointment tomorrow!


BABY CAN HEAR MY VOICE!! How cool is that??

Next appointment?

Tomorrow! Eek!