week 21 bump update

week 21 bump update

How far along? 

21 weeks, today!

the week I found out vs. today!

How big is Bean?

Bean is now 10 1/2+ inches long from head-to-HEEL! (We switched measurement modes!) According to my app, he weighs 10-12 ounces, but we know that he weighed about 12 ounces two weeks ago, so I’d guess… 14 ounces to a pound? He’s about the size of a large carrot.

Total weight gain/loss? 

I weigh 149 lbs, which puts me at +5 lbs.


Sleep has been fine 🙂

 Best moment this week?

We saw our friends Pelak and Carly, and Joel and Kristin this weekend. We got to stay with both in their new houses. It was great! We had such a nice weekend catching up with them.


HUNGRY! All the time. And gas! Pregnancy is fun!

Stretch marks?

Not yet! But I hope my weight gain steadies and I can avoid them.

Food cravings?

Still sweets!

Food aversions? 


Labor signs? 

Still nope.

Belly button in or out? 

Still in, but looking like I might pop in the next few weeks!

What I miss?

Nothing! Life is good!

What I’m looking forward to? 

Not “looking forward to” so much, but will be relieved to see the specialist doctor on Friday.


Bean can taste now! I thought he was already tasting, but now he’s starting to because he is starting to swallow amniotic fluid. Turns out he didn’t have a taste for grilled cheese, he just liked the calories. His arms and legs are in proportion now, and he’s getting more coordinated.

And a mom-to-be milestone: People can tell that I’m pregnant now. I have been asked by a few people (who I hadn’t told before the I was pregnant) when the baby is due. That’s fun!

Next appointment?

Two upcoming appointments: this coming Friday (1/20) we have the specialist and next month we have the regular baby doctor on Friday 2/3.