23 week bump update

23 week bump update

Hello all! I can’t believe we are more than halfway through this pregnancy and going to meet Bean in less than 17 weeks! It’s been a busy last week for us. We have been doing a lot of work on the house (who knew there were sooooo many decisions??), we sold my car, and we bought a new bigger, easier-with-baby SUV. We both have been working a lot of hours but things have been going very well for us!

How far along? 

23 weeks today!

How big is Bean?

Bean for sure weighs just over a pound now and is just over a foot long head-to-toe.  He is the size of a) a grapefruit (YUM) or b) a papaya. However big he is, he’s certainly making his presence known–a few people have asked me when the bebe is due. I’m planning still to say to someone who asks me: “I’m not pregnant.” But I think this joke will be funnier when I look VERY preggy.


Total weight gain/loss? 

I was sick with a terrible cold this week so I didn’t have much of an appetite and I don’t think I gained any weight.


Sleep was tough this week, but I have been averaging a half a box of tissues a day with my terrible running nose, so it’s not baby related, but sickness related. I have been having some problem with sleeping on my left side, my hip area gets really numb and tingly, but just in one very specific spot.

 Best moment this week?

It was really fun buying the new (used) car! Well actually buying the new car was REALLY boring. Could they find any more ways to drag that process out? Yeesh. We did a lot of research and we think our new (used) 2016 Ford Edge will be great for transporting our Beau, our animal entourage, and all Beau’s gear.

IMG_1924 2.jpg 

Also, in other best moments news, I am LOVING feeling Beau kick. He is wiggling around in there as I write. Some of his kicks are really big and I can see them from outside. Chad can feel several kicks a day too, which is pretty amazing. I’m so glad I can share that with him.


Other than a big old belly, not really feeling any symptoms which is FANTASTIC. I am starting to have a little bit of the “linea nigra” or the darker line that shows up on preggy lady bellies. My line is from my belly button up right now and its pretty light.

Stretch marks?

Nope. Keeping the belly all jellied up!

Food cravings/aversions?

I think it has more to do with my cold, but I am craving fruits and veggies. And still dairy–cannot get enough.

Labor signs? 

Nope, although for many women, Braxton Hicks start about 23 weeks.

Belly button in or out? 

In and looking like it’ll be that way for a while.

What I miss?

Nose-breathing. But nothing pregnancy related.

What I’m looking forward to? 

We have a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound on Friday! That will be fun 🙂 We also are getting a stethoscope because baby’s heartbeat is now audible through one! It’s coming on Tuesday and it’ll be fun to play with.


Bean’s nipples are forming this week! No kidding.

Next appointment?

FriYAY! Love going to the baby doctor because I look forward to the little chances to feel even closer to our small one.