24 week bump update

24 week bump update

How far along? 

24 weeks ūüôā

How big is Bean?

Gosh, I cannot even believe how big our bean is getting. He’s either a) the size of an ear of corn or b) a cantaloupe! He weighs more than a pound and a quarter and is more than a foot long head-to-toe.

Total weight gain/loss? 

Ok, so my weight has been VERY confusing to me. But here’s the scoop–from our doctor’s visit–I am actually close to net zero weight gain even though I have gain 14 pounds from my lowest weight since pregnancy. My weight when I got pregnant was 155ish pounds. My lowest weight after/during morning sickness was 142 pounds. I’m up to 156 pounds. My doctor said that I am doing fine, but I should continue to gain weight. She wants me to try average 1 pound week from here on out, at a minimum. She told me I am at the¬†minimum weight gain she’d want for me and I should go have a milkshake. I was feeling like I had put on too much weight too fast, so it was a relief to hear I am doing ok.


I have been sleeping ok. A few times Beau has kicked me awake, and it’s not easy to fall back asleep after that.

 Best moment this week?

It’s really wonderful being able to see our babe. And this week, I think my most favorite thing was being able to not only see him, but see him in 3D. The ultrasound we had on Friday was a bonus ultrasound because the doctors needed to see one more part of his heart. The ultrasound tech found the parts of his heart she needed to see (ventricle arteries and aorta, all of which looked great) and then she said, “How about we try a 3D ultrasound?” UM, YES!!! She took two different photos, in the first, he one of his hands over his face. It made him look super frumpy. In the second, he moved a bit and we got a really nice picture.



Several new things. For one, I had basically my first ever spontaneous bloody nose this morning. I felt what I thought was a clear runny nose and reached up and there was blood all over. At a point, it was gushing–dripping blood everywhere and running into my mouth and down my throat. It took about 10 minutes to get it stopped. The nose bleeds are just a normal part of pregnancy. The hormones cause lots of blood in the face and sinuses–stuffy, runny and bloody noses and headaches (been having some) are just part of the deal.

I also started having the fabled Braxton Hicks contractions. They don’t hurt, it just feels like I swallowed a soccer ball. My bump gets really hard for a few minutes. They are slightly uncomfortable but nothing crazy. Our doctor said that there is nothing to worry about, this is normal timing, and I will *definitely* know when I’m having real labor contractions (not Braxton Hicks, which are famously known as “false labor.”)

Been having TERRIBLE cramps in my toes and feet, mostly at night. I have been trying to drink more water.

Chad just reminded me that I am also having major pregnancy brain. Add to that clumsiness. I have been losing my train of thought mid-sentence, and dropping things like crazy. I started work today by knocking our entire several gallon iced tea dispenser all over our takeout pizza boxes. I have also been a bit of an emotional wreck.

Have been having some round ligament pain too. When I sneeze or stand up too fast I get muscle cramps in my low belly. The ligaments just get stretched tight trying to support my belly growth.

This sounds like a lot and I might be miserable, but I am REALLY enjoying these weeks of our pregnancy!

Stretch marks?


Food cravings/aversions?

Still just hungry, for anything!

Labor signs? 

My Braxton Hicks have started, but they aren’t really labor signs.

Belly button in or out? 

In, but looking suspiciously like that might not stay that way.

What I miss?

Chad says: “Clear thinking and emotional stability.”

What I’m looking forward to? 

Our trip to Idaho in just over a week! Bean’s first time in Mom’s hometown ūüôā


This is a big one: viability. Micro-preemies born after 24 weeks can live. This is crazy. Of course we want Bean-o to stay in there and keep cooking but that’s a pretty incredible milestone and cracy thought. Also Beau’s little brain has matured to the point that he can have conscious thought and is starting to develop memory. He has his eyelashes, eyebrows and hair! They are white, but there ūüôā

Next appointment?

I have three upcoming doctors’ appointments. I have my echocardiogram on 2/23, I have an ophthalmology appointment and our 28 week OB appointment is on 3/3. After that, we start seeing the¬†OB every other week (BECAUSE THAT’S THE THIRD TRIMESTER?!?!).

*Just a quick recap of our appointment. Based on the recommendations of the specialist, the doctors at¬†Mount Nittany have decide to treat me throughout our pregnancy as though I had a definitive EDS diagnosis. Basically they want to make sure my heart is good (hence the echo) and that my eyes are fine (retinal detachment is a concern with EDS). They will also be conservative during labor and delivery to try to prevent bleeding issues and early labor issues¬†that *might* occur more frequently with EDS patients.¬†Most women with EDS have no problems delivering healthy babes, we just want to be a little extra cautious. That’s pretty much all that we discussed at our¬†most recent appointment.*

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Everybody wanted to get in on the photo this week.