30 week bump update!

30 week bump update!

How far along?

30 weeks! eeeeek!!

does this belly make me look pregnant?

How big is Bean?

Bean weighs more than 3 pounds… That’s like half his birth weight, which means we still have a lot of growing to go (where is that all going to fit??!!) He is also about 15.5 inches long! On the fruit-o-meter, he is a) the size of a zucchini or b) a butternut squash.

Total weight gain/loss?

I weighed 170 at my appointment and 168 on my scale at home.


Good! Have I mentioned the dreams? I have been having incredibly weird, super realistic dreams almost every night (and nap) for the last several weeks. It’s really weird!

Best moment this week?

This sounds silly, but my best moment this week was swimming yesterday. Somehow I talked Chad into going to the pool with me yesterday (I just got a super cute maternity swimsuit, which–sidebar–when I unpacked the bag it was shipped in from Old Navy, I thought looked more like the size of a beach towel than a bathing suit). We kicked around and did laps a little bit, but the highlight was a “game” we played. There were some plastic beachy kind of balls and we started a hit-the-ball-back-and-forth game. The rule was that we got one touch each. We got up to 58 hits! We played this game for like 45 minutes. It was really fun to do something active and it felt amazing being in the water. I think it was really good for my back and swollen legs. I will try to go swimming again. Also last night, Penn State Men’s Hockey won the B1G 10 championship game in their second night of consecutive double overtime wins! Hockey Valley!!


I am getting very tired! I also have pretty constant heartburn. And I have been having, as I mentioned above, swelling in my hands and feet/ankles. Oh and shortness of breath–I have been getting winded talking.

Stretch marks?

Still nope, although I am not sure how because although I’m sure it’s impossible, I feel like I have doubled in size since last week.

Food cravings/aversions?

Nothing really! I am not nearly as hungry as I was a few weeks ago. Which is probably good because I don’t have nearly as much room in my tummy as I did before.

Labor signs?


Belly button in or out?

In and looking like it plans to stay that way.

What I miss?

Running! I really have been missing just being able to go for a run. I walked on the treadmill one day this week and I really had to slow down my pace because I was having a lot of Braxton contractions. It was kind of a bummer. I am still pretty active with working 3 or 4 nights a week–I walk a lot at work–but it’s just not the same as going on a run. I can’t wait to start back up with running post pregnancy and am looking forward to being able to share that with Beau!

What I’m looking forward to?

Spring! Can we all just agree that it should be Spring now? I am also looking forward to our visit with Nana Kathy and Pop-Pop Mark in mid-April!


This week Beau’s brain is getting wrinkles! And he should be strong enough to grasp a finger. As his body fat is increasing, he is starting to lose his furry hair that covers his whole little body.

I expected that I would feel him kicking less because he is running out of room in there–as I type this, I can see a reflection of my seated self in the window, I haven’t seen how big I look sitting down, but it’s sure hard for me to believe that he has much space to do anything–however; I feel him a lot! It’s really wonderful being able to feel him. I was laying on the sofa yesterday and I could see this giant kicks and rolls and arm swipes through my belly. It’s like there’s an alien in there.

Next appointment?

Our next appointment is 3/31. This will be our 32 week appointment. It won’t be until 36 weeks that I’ll start having more physical (read: pelvic) exams. These appointments are quick checks: urine screen, blood pressure, baby heartbeat, fundal distance, questions. At our appointment on Friday, everything looked great. Beau’s heartbeat was 152 bpm. My blood pressure and stuff was all fine and he measured right on. I had my Tdap shot (this was THE MOST PAINFUL SHOT I HAVE EVER HAD. I can still barely lift my arm without serious pain.) The doctor explained that after 36 weeks we’ll be able to have a better idea of when our little bean will arrive. That may seem obvious, but for uber-planner me, it was a relief to hear we won’t be flying totally blind. We also talked about a birth plan. Talking to our doctor, it sounds like a birth plan won’t really be necessary for us as we don’t really have any special requests and the hospital’s standard practices (skin-to-skin contact, etc.). So Chad and I have decide that we will talk stuff over, but probably won’t write a specific document. That was really all we talked about.

In Mom and Dad (Lydia and Chad) News, we have started to get organized for our move. We figured out what furniture we are moving and what we will sell. We came up with a plan for organizing the house and packing. We also talked about what it would mean for is if the baby came before the new house was done. This was a topic that was REALLY keeping me up at night–or waking me up in the morning. We decided that, especially with help from my parents who are visiting soon!!!, that we will get packed and organized in our current house and get the current house ready as if we were going to temporarily bring Beau home here. If it turns out that he arrives before the house is ready, we will spend a few nights in a hotel during the transition between houses. Having a solid Plan B makes me feel sooooo relieved. I feel a lot less pressure to have the house done right away and a lot better about bringing Beau back home if he’s early knowing the house will be set up for his arrival. It sounds so obvious, but it didn’t occur to me that it would actually be ok if we weren’t able to get into the house before he showed up. While I certainly don’t want him to arrive too much before his due date, I feel a lot less stressed now about the possibility that he might.