31 week bump update

31 week bump update

How far along?

31 weeks and one day (because I am a day late… again)

Post-work photo–Same shirt as last week, ooooops!

How big is Bean?

Bean probably weighs about 3.5 pounds and he is 16 inches long!! HUGE, that’s the size of a) a bunch of asparagus, or b) a coconut! mmmm coconut!

Total weight gain/loss?

I gained one pound this week!


SO MANY CRAZY DREAMS. Other than that, and a middle of every night pee break, sleep is good!

Best moment this week?

We had fun visiting with friends this weekend at a surprise party for Sarah Cleaver (CONGRATS to Sarah for competing her RN and landing an awesome job at an ER)!  We also have been getting a lot of good work done getting the house ready for our big move. Lots of packing and organizing–that’s maybe not that fun, but it’s necessary and feels good!


I am very achy at the end of the day (and sometimes during the day). The area above my belly below my breasts gets so tired and hurty. If I lie back or sit up really straight it seems to help take some of the pressure off (also, taking the torture device that is my bra off also seems to help a lot). I am finding myself often short of breath and the heartburn is present, but not terrible this week. Swelling in my fingers and feet. Lastly, I am definitely suffering pregnancy brain. Today alone, I put sugar in the dogs’ bowl instead of in the bowl I was using to make potsticker sauce for Chad. Tim at the bar ordered a bottle of Miller Light and I brought him a Coors Light. I went back and tried again but brought him a Michelob Ultra. Sigh.

Stretch marks?


Food cravings/aversions?

Nothing really! I have been having a little nausea, and constantly eating helps. I have been craving VERY cold water–does that count as a craving?

Labor signs?


Belly button in or out?


What I miss?

Nothing much!

What I’m looking forward to?

Our visit from Mark and Kathy and more progress on our house! Painting starts tomorrow 🙂


Not a milestone so much, but Beau has been VERY active! Lots of kicks, some really big, and some right in the ribs.

There are some weird, interesting Beau milestones this week. He pees about 2 cups a day now! Thankful, my body replaces the amniotic fluid completely several times a day. He’s fattening up, which he will need to because he needs to double his body weight in just 9 more weeks. Beau can turn his head side to side. He’s dreaming, too, which I think is amazing and confusing. His hearing is improving so much so that he can be startled sometimes.

Next appointment?

Our regular 32 week appointment is on Friday 🙂