33 week bump update

33 week bump update

How far along?

33 weeks… oops! missed a week!IMG_0010.jpg

How big is Bean?

Bean is as big as a) celery or b) a honeydew melon. I look like I have a honeydew melon in my belly. He’s between 16 and 17 inches long and weighs about 4 1/4 pounds. He’s going to gain about a half pound a week from here on out.

Total weight gain/loss?

I think I’m just about the same: 172 pounds. Which is amazing because I look so much bigger.


Only peeing every 5 hours.

Best moment this week?

This has been a busy two weeks, but it’s been really great getting lots ready for our house! Our birthing and breastfeeding classes were great. Today we took a nice walk with the dogs at Mill Brook Marsh.


Swelling in my hands and feet, and I think in my face. Or I’m just putting on weight–which is also possible. I have been having heartburn still, but Zantac, which my doctor recommended last week is amazing. I’ve been hot and sweaty. I guess this is due to my extra high metabolic rate? Baby makes me out of breath, which was particularly noticeable as we helped Dan move this weekend. It was a lot of stairs. My breasts are leaking. It’s weird but is so cool too! It’s colostrum, which will be super nutritious for Beau Bean!

Stretch marks?


Food cravings/aversions?

Desserts, but I don’t know if that is a craving. I think that’s life.

Labor signs?


Belly button in or out?

In but stretching pretty tight.

What I miss?

The usual: running and cured meats.

What’s Made Me More Comfortable? (New question!)

Chad rubs my hands and arms and it feels amazing and helps with the swelling. My maternity pillow is fantastic. Stretch pants! New slip-on shoes. Maternity bras–they help with my under-boob discomfort. I’ve been taking baths, which I never did before, but makes me really feel good. Air-conditioning!

Emotions? (New question!)

Been pretty steady! Some fear about pain in labor and delivery, but mostly feeling in control and on top of it. When I get really tired, which is early–around 8, I get weepy feeling.

Movement? (New question!)

This baby moves constantly. As I type, with my computer balanced on my belly, he is bopping the computer up and down with his big kicks. He’s been getting me in the ribs, especially when I’m seated. I can feel him roll over in there sometimes–big slow movements. I feel fluttery kicks on my left side when I lie on my left side–I haven’t figured out what they are yet. His latest thing is lodging a foot against the top of my belly. I get the protruding lumps that I can push–they are a little uncomfortable, but if I poke him on what I think is his heel, I can get him to move.

What I’m looking forward to?

Our visit from Mark and Kathy begins on Thursday! Our floors are stained and our kitchen starts tomorrow! WE ARE SEEING BEAU IN 3D TOMORROW–an elective ultrasound place opened just up the street from us and tomorrow we are having a 3D ultrasound 🙂 On Wednesday, we have our infant care class. Our baby shower is on Saturday! We have a lot coming up!!


Parenting milestones: We have taken our birthing classes and a breastfeeding class. The birthing class was awesome. Knowledge is power and I am feeling much better prepared for our birth experience. Our breastfeeding class was also great, and I am also feeling better about trying breastfeeding. I think Chad will be an amazing support.

Beau milestones: He can tell day from night and he keeps his eyes open while he’s awake! He has is own immune system! He’s coordinating breath with sucking and swallowing.

Next appointment?

We had our 32 week appointment last week. Other then getting Zantac–a miracle elixir for my heartburn–it was a pretty routine appointment. We saw Dr. Cherry who we hadn’t seen since our first appointment, she was great–even though we had to wait 45 minutes to see her. She told me that because when she pushes on the top of my belly she can move his whole body she thinks he’s head down. He is measuring on track and his heartbeat was 152. Our next appointment is on Thursday!