we’re having a baby?!

we’re having a baby?!

Omgod, we’re having a baby!

Chad and I found out on September 21st, 2016 that we (half of us, anyway) are pregnant! We had only been trying to get pregnant for two months. It was my second month of closely following my cycles with an ovulation tracker, and my cycles were really wacky. The tracker we were using indicates “high” and “peak” fertility. After 14 days of “high fertility” (and no peak) my tracker told me to stop tracking–that cycle was over. I was frustrated and assumed (especially because I was feeling crampy, pissy and bloated) that I was PMSing and about to get my period. I was grouchy and frustrated. Chad suggested that maybe I didn’t get a “peak” reading because I was pregnant. I told him that was silly.  All this is TMI, except to set up the following (and to explain how surprising this was): sort of out of spite that random Wednesday, a few days before my period was even due, I took a pregnancy test. I could not believe it when the test read “PREGNANT.” I took another test–it read “PREGNANT” too!

I called Chad and asked if he could FaceTime me. I wish I was one of those women who has enough self-control to adorably surprise their partner with some super cute, special surprise, but I could not wait to tell Chad and didn’t want to spend anymore time without him in on the secret. Shaky, sweaty and feeling completely out of my own body, I dialed him. He was at the job site but said that I could FaceTime. I sent him the FaceTime request and held the pregnancy test in front of the phone. He answered the call, but didn’t react immediately like I expected to! I reversed the camera so it was aimed at me asked him if he saw what I was trying to show him. He said “No, what?” I held the pregnancy test out again and this time, no technical difficulties, he got the message. He asked me if I was serious (this part reminds me of our engagement, reversed), and yup, I was. (And yeah, not only was I serious, I really was pregnant… I took another pregnancy test right away and bought another different brand the next day. It shouldn’t have been but it was still surprising when these two also indicated “PREGNANT.”)

We got off the phone and I got onto the (deep, dark) internet to try to learn everything about being pregnant that I could (This hasn’t really stopped. I’m still trying to read anything and everything I can…) and called to make an OB/GYN appointment. I was only just barely pregnant (5 weeks) so I had to wait until 7 weeks (!!!) for my first appointment. Waiting is agony! That’s a summary of being pregnant so far. My first appointment was with a nurse with a follow-up with the doctor the following week. Because my cycles had been so unpredictable, the nurse asked if I would be available later that first appointment day for an ultrasound–this was a whole week earlier than I expected! Chad was available later in the day; so one week before we had planned to, we saw our little bean for the first time!! (That’s the picture above.) Bean was just a tiny little huckleberry then, with a giant fluid-filled head, and a little egg sack body. Even though Bean was so small, we were able to see a teeny-tiny little heartbeat.

We had our appointment with the doctor the following week. Because the baby was still so small–the size of a blueberry–the doctor couldn’t use the doppler to hear the heartbeat, instead we had a second (!!!) ultrasound so we could see Bean’s heartbeat. Bean looked exactly like a gummy bear with a big, old head and little nubbies that are now arms and legs.

More to follow in later posts, but the past two months (from when I found out until now–I’m 13.5 weeks as I write) have been pretty rough on me. I struggled with morning sickness a lot and have been beyond exhausted. On the bright side, morning sickness is associated with baby health–it indicates high levels of HGC, the same pregnancy hormone that made all four preggy tests show that I was in the family way. Plus exhaustion justifies (slash necessitates) daily naps 🙂 Sunday wraps up the first trimester, and I am SO excited to continue feeling better everyday!